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Bridge Strike


Our leading-edge bridge
strike prevention and
monitoring system
instantly and accurately informs asset
owners of critical bridge strike information, enabling both
preventive and corrective measures.

Don’t Be Unprepared!

Bridge strikes can cause significant and costly disruptions. They can result in delays, and even complete road and rail closings. Precise monitoring can ensure safety, reduce costs, and help maintain operational efficiency.  Now you can leverage our advanced technologies for the best overall asset management.

PEAK’s custom solutions provide real time data that make the prevention and monitoring of bridge strikes precise, reliable, and extremely cost effective.

With PEAK Monitoring, you get a wide array of advantages!

Safety Benefits
     • Real-Time Alerts+Damage Detection
     • Prevention of Catastrophic Failures

Economic Benefits
     • Cost Recovery
     • Reduced Maintenance Costs

Operational Benefits
     • Minimized Service Interruptions
     • Enhanced Asset Management

Technological Advancements

     • Advanced Detection Systems
     • Data-Driven Insights

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