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Reduce Risks with Structural Health Monitoring

The complete solution for Static SHM, Dynamic SHM and GEO-environmental monitoring

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Our Smart SHM System

Infrastructures can gradually accumulate damage and deteriorate over time; that is why every structure needs to be monitored throughout its useful life in order to ensure an adequate level of safety.

Our Smart Structural Health Monitoring system combines wireless sensors and a cloud platform for Static SHM, Dynamic SHM, and Geo-environmental monitoring.

     Enhance safety
Ensure that structures are safe thanks to 24/7 remote monitoring and alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

     Improve decision-making
asily analyze data with our user-friendly 
platform specifically designed for your structure.

     Increase productivity
Lower costs and downtime thanks to easy 
sensor installation, reduced on-site visits and predictive  maintenance.

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