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How smart is your building?


A 'healthy' building requires the ability to check equipment for temperature and humidity, leaks and water pressure, motor vibrations, fuel levels, and more.

PEAK Sensor Systems' best-in-class IoT solutions, reliable data capture and analysis technology empowers building managers with a steady stream of real-time data at their fingertips. That means proactive monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Traditionally, that meant one or more staff checking and rechecking equipment, often one at a time and required being physically present. Alternatively, it meant spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on building automation equipment and software that is hard-fixed to your structures.  When things break or need updating, hefty fork-lift upgrades are often required to manage new challenges.

Both options and expensive prone to error and timing.  Worse, by the time an attending staff first sees a problem, it's often too late to take preventive action, or even corrective action. By that time, all that can be done is to make costly repairs to the equipment AND even costlier repairs to the facility.

As soon as any of the pre-set performance thresholds are exceeded, the system sends an instantaneous alert to the manager and any other key maintenance personnel— alerting them of a system challenge, often BEFORE any damage has occurred.

How our wireless LoRaWAN sensors work

Deployed sensors collect readings at critical points

Screen Shot 2023-05-19 at 3.27.18 PM.png

Sensors send their data via secure low radio frequency (LoRaWAN) to a receiver called a Gateway. 

Gateway sends data to our cloud platform providing 24/7/365 visibility and alerts
to both mobile and
desktop users.  

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